Too Many Words

by Big Knife Little Knife

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released July 15, 2014

Big Knife Little Knife is Kevin Jagernauth, David Tkach and Denise Williams.

"Too Many Words" was engineered by Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn Studios and mastered by Mike Bond at Produced By Bond.

Artwork and design by Denise Williams.

All songs registered with SOCAN.




all rights reserved


Big Knife Little Knife Montreal, Québec

Drums, guitars, and yelling about library closures.

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Track Name: Suspensive Hyphen
what did you care to say?
what did you do?
this is for all the half- and
got to just carry on
with the current
like I did
discordant ashes fall
on your deaf ears
open eyes wide but dark
closed in shadows
this is for all the half- and
what did I care to say?
what did I do?
like you did
just you listen
“you’ve got to kick at the darkness
‘til it bleeds daylight”
you’ve got to build it up
you’ve got to take it down
and stand beside yourself
stop and listen
Track Name: Circumlocution
the crux of the issue
the heart of the matter
is to sew up all the ears
against idle chatter
we’ll give a name to the nameless
and voice the voiceless
always sold out and choiceless
we’ll write a name to history
apocryphal texts
tired, used and broken down
detritus, garbage
in the face of all that is
we’ll write a name to history
the secret is
there is no secret
there is only us
Track Name: (Probably Misses His) Old Glasses
you take it and you give it away
you’re drawing from the deepest part
the author of a clever regret
don’t think about the ending yet
when you say you live for today
you really mean you live for tomorrow
under surface tense and withdrawn
face upturned and drowning in sorrow
when you say you’ll stay for a day
you really mean a lifetime, or never
you’re what you really live for or what you die for
we’re discarded and burned all away
an undercover hydrogen bomb
timed to explode and clear the land
a fist extends, a deal has been made
connection then cuts off a hand
close the source of what we all want to know
shut the windows and rebar the goddamned doors
fill the land with what sat upon the shelf
crack the spines in half, tearing us apart
Track Name: Boredom or Apathy
to the barricades
gets you arrested
all hope intervened
all hope contested
you hit the wall and up it goes
like cows to the slaughter
killing sons and daughters
invisible hands
grasping, reaching
take them down
take it back (to) the origin
the way it should be
the way it could have been
and start over
save the sound
hold it close
save the sound